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4A-GE 20v Blacktop / Silvertop Harnesses

4A-GE 20v Blacktop / Silvertop Harnesses

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Round Plastic Connector

MIL-SPEC Firewall Connector and Plate (Manual Trans Only)

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New Customizable 4AGE 20v Harnesses

These wiring harnesses are built using new wire, new OEM terminals, and new OEM connector housings. No core is required for universal or AE86 SR5 applications.

For GTS cars - these harnesses CAN be used, but we need to wire in the windshield wiper plugs for your original harness. We can do this for you at no additional cost, but you will need to send your GTS harness to us. This harness includes an EFI relay and a fuel pump relay with a lead. It is guaranteed 100% plug and play.

We carry in stock every connector for every single EMS, injector, and coil option so when you order a harness from us we can have it put together and sent your way as quickly as the next day for extremely urgent jobs! Equally important as speed and customizability is the fact that all of our harnesses are made here in the USA, while many companies send their production to be done in totalitarian countries with unethical labor practices.

Standard looming - Our standard looming consists of braided sleeving on the individual circuits and split braided sleeving on the bulk of the harness which is secured with low-profile zip-ties. This gives the same look as a fully braided harness but still allows access into the harness for future modifications!

Fully Braided sleeving is available for an additional $200:

MIL-SPEC firewall connector:

The Tweak'd Difference
Or: What makes us better than everyone else!

Superior Knowledge Base

Here at Tweak'd Performance we didn't just jump into building wiring harnesses for some engine swap that we've never even seen. We're gearheads, just like you. We are "the" Toyota engine swap guys. We've been where you are, looking at our own cars with that gleam and that thought, the inspiration of what could be. We've done the swaps, we've experienced the problems, we've found solutions, we've driven the cars. We have designed our engine harnesses and conversions from the ground up to make these swaps go faster, smoother, and have a cleaner, more reliable end result.

Superior Customer Care

You're not just another number when it comes to our commitment to customer service. That's why we have our phones staffed all week long and while we can't always get every incoming call, we return every single voicemail that we receive. We return every email, and we are determined to do it professionally and promptly. Whether you have questions about one of our products, need advice on your engine swap, or you're running into something unexpected with installing your harness and getting your engine started, you can count on Tweak'd Performance to be there. We've got engine swap experts on the line ready to help you troubleshoot any problems, and we support our product 100% of the way, 100% of the time, forever. If you ever have a problem with a Tweak'd Performance harness you can trust that we will help you fix the problem or we will repair it for no charge and cover all shipping charges. Even if you didn't buy the harness from us directly and just got it with your car or your swap, we're here to help!

Superior Design and Production

When we design a new wiring harness, we don't just take a factory setup and replicate it. We've found that in many cases engine harnesses for cars in the US are simply "extended" versions of harnesses from RHD cars. So when it's time to design a harness for your engine swap, we take a fresh look and see all of the improvements that we can make over the factory harness. That means routing the harness so that it's tucked out of the way, making for a cleaner engine bay. It means simplifying overly complicated harnesses and eliminating unused or unneeded circuits for your particular swap. It means using higher quality loom protection where we've seen problem areas on OEM factory harnesses. It means using the highest quality connectors, terminals, and wire. It means offering special upgrades like braided sleeving, extreme duty heatshrink looming, and MIL-SPEC firewall connectors. It's not just a new harness built to factory spec. It's a TWEAK'D harness, redesigned, refined, and perfected for modern, high-end engine swaps.

Superior Quality Control

We don't just build a harness and ship it off. Every harness we build is laid out on our tried-and-true harness jigs to ensure a perfect fit every single time. Every detail is checked to make sure that your wiring harness is built to our standards. We don't ever send a harness to a customer unless we would happily install that on our own engine swap for our personal car. Then not one, but two engine swap experts doublecheck every single terminal, connector, and wire on your harness to make sure every circuit has perfect continuity. While we all know that mistakes aren't impossible, we ship every one of our harnesses with full confidence that you, our customer, will never need to use our unbeatable LIFETIME warranty.

Here at Tweak'd Performance we've been doing plug and play wiring conversions, custom engine harnesses and wire tucks for over 9 years. We pride ourselves in supporting our product for LIFE. If you ever have a problem with any of our wiring work, we'll either help you diagnose and fix the problem over the phone or email, or we will cover shipping both ways and repair it for free!

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