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1JZ Soarer/Chaser (34/22/16/28 pin plugs) Patch Harness

1JZ Soarer/Chaser (34/22/16/28 pin plugs) Patch Harness


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This is a straight jumper harness for a 1JZ Soarer or Chaser wiring harness or any other harness that uses the 34/22/16/28 pin plug configuration, such as some mid-90s Toyota V6 engines. Picture is representative only, actual product uses the 4-row connectors (34/22/16/28 pin plugs).

An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Wiring Patch Harness is a short electrical harness that is installed between a vehicles ECU and its wiring.

All of our harnesses use the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) connectors, plugs and contacts to allow it to plug easily into place. With this harness, late model cars can now have electronic mods wired safely and easily into it at a workbench, without having to cut into and possibly damage the factory wiring harness.

No more standing on your head to do under-dash wiring mods!

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