Completed Swaps

Effective January 1st, 2011 we no longer offer engine swap services or installations. Here we've detailed some of the swaps that we've done over the years, we hope you enjoy them.

Project Stuart Little - 1996 Celica Convertable
"Mouse" from Phoenix Tuning picks up a Celica Project of his own.

1995 Celica 3SGTE Swap Finish-up
Watch the details of a 3SGTE swap getting finished up with some goodies like a custom exhaust and front-mount intercooler.

1994 Corolla 4AGZE Swap and Twin-Charge
This 1994 Corolla gets a 4AGZE 1.6 Liter supercharged engine, and then is twin-charged with a custom turbo system.

2001 Corolla Turbo Part 2
Now for the really fun part! A top-quality custom-built turbo system is designed and installed onto this 2001 Corolla with outstanding results!

2001 Corolla Turbo Part 1
In part 1 of our 2001 Corolla Turbo project, we perform a number of supporting mods including an auto/manual conversion, stainless-steel mandrel-bent exhaust, and a rear disc brake conversion.

H22 VTEC Swap into a '99 Civic
Wait... Dr Tweak does Honda swaps? This can't be! An H22 get shoehorned into a Civic to give it some real power!

4EFTE 1.3 Turbo into '92 Paseo
A Paseo gets boosted with a Starlet GT Turbo engine swap.

ST215 3SGTE Swap into '94 Celica ST
The least powerful Celica engine from the factory is replaced with the most powerful 3SGTE engine ever made! This Celica ST gets an auto/manual conversion, front-mount intercooler, and much more.

3SGE BEAMS Swap into '93 Celica Convertable
See the ins and outs of a 3SGE BEAMS swap. This advanced powerplant is a very rare engine indeed!

1JZGTE Swap into an '87 Supra non-turbo
Here's a great swap. This '87 Supra n/a is in real clean shape, and after installing a 1JZGTE 2.5 Liter Twin-Turbo engine in it, along with some other goodies, it's got an unexpected amount of power under the hood! A 3" stainless mandrel-bent exhaust finishes off the project.

1994 Celica ST, 4AGZE swap... "the boosted alternative to a 3SGTE"
 Installing a supercharged 4AGZE with custom front-mount intercooler and custom a/c and p/s setup gives this 6th gen Celica a whole new attitude!

1995 Celica GT, (another) 3SGTE Swap
 When this '95 Celica GT was finished, it was so smooth and quiet you would have thought it was 100% factory...
until you stepped on the gas!

1999 Celica GT, 3SGTE Swap and more...
 This '99 Celica GT is fast, clean car, especially with a tuned turbocharged powerplant now under the hood.

4AGE Swap with MSnEDIS Standalone
 An '89 MR2 receives a 4AGE Silvertop, powered by the MSnEDIS standalone engine management system.

Dr Tweak and the Celica of Doom
 A '92 Celica's misadventure finally finds a happy ending at the mad scientist's secret lab.

Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4?
 A base model 3000GT gets a big boost when an engine from it's bigger brother get's swapped in.

Not Quite a GT4
 The legendary 3SGTE engine is swapped into a Celica ST along with a manual conversion and lots of other goodies.

'91 Corolla Show Wagon
 A '91 Corolla wagon gets the power to match its looks when it's converted to 5-speed and given a 20 valve 4AGE!

4EFTE Tercel Swap
 A mundane looking '91 Toyota Tercel is made into a mean sleeper with the addition of a 1.3 Turbocharged Starlet engine.

Hellish Mantis
 2ZZGE Swap into a '98 Toyota Corolla, including an auto to 6-speed conversion, rear disk brake conversion, and 5-lug hub conversion all the way around!